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Revenue Cycle Management Services

Put Your Revenue In Safe Hands

We offer offshore healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services to physicians and managed care providers in the US. One of the major hassles that almost every provider is facing is a longer revenue cycle, which adversely affects cash flow and often results in revenue loss. Our RCM service helps you make your practice healthy and profitable. Our expert team has solutions to improve revenue cycle metrics, and we provide a seamless and error-free RCM process.

What is Revenue Cycle Management?

We are offshore provider of healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services to physicians & managed care providers in the US. One of the major hassles which almost every provider is facing is longer than normal Revenue Cycle which adversely affect the cash flow. Sometimes it results into loss of pay from the payer. We offer seamless, errorless, and fast-moving revenue management process. Our expert team has solutions to improve revenue cycle metrics.

We offer the RCM services as popular percentage based on your actual revenue collection. Various add on services can be added with the nominal charges over and above to the RCM service. For more details on pricing, kindle arrange a meeting with our sales team. Book Now.

You can start with free of cost health report of your practice. Our experienced team will help you to understand how the revenue can be improved. We assure you the hassle free and smooth transition of the change in service. We provide utmost priority to the information regarding the health of patients, and thus we work fully in compliance with HIPAA. Hence, the health information of patients is secure with us.

You will get well managed process starting from patient registration to claim submission to the reimbursement. Our expert guided RCM services helps you to improve the cash flow of your practice. It will reduce the administrative burden on you hence improved the patient satisfaction by reduction in billing errors and delays.

Improve your cash flow and reduce denials with our RCM outsourcing expertise

Revenue Cycle Management​

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is a critical aspect of healthcare operations, with a significant impact on the financials of healthcare providers. The key areas where effective RCM influences are improving financial performance, enhancing patient experience, meeting regulatory compliance requirements, and supporting operational efficiency.


Verification of eligibility and benefits

We ensure that we personally reach out to patients to verify and confirm their eligibility and benefits, following our website check. Our expert team caters to the specific requirements of each clinic and specialty, ensuring they receive the maximum benefit possible.

Medical Billing

Medical Coding Review and Billing

Our experienced team specializes in medical coding review and billing, essential for revenue management. Accurate charge entry is crucial to avoid denials and loss of pay. We're well-versed in payer-specific coding, including Medicare, Medicaid, MCOs, HMOs, MAPs, Worker's Compensation, Auto Insurance, and private payers.

Denial Management solution

Denial Management

Denial Management solution aims to reduce revenue loss resulting from unattended denials. We identify and address the root cause of denials and streamline the process for providers. Our team monitors denial trends, analyzes them, and modifies subprocesses to comply with payer policies. We ensure that 100% of denied claims are resubmitted and resolved.

Billing Inquiries

Patient Statements and Billing Inquiries

We send patient statements through reliable third-party suppliers like BDS, Bill Flash, and Express Bill. Our contact information is included for billing inquiries, so patients won't burden your employees. Focus on patient care while we handle the revenue cycle.

Satisfaction Survey

Prior Authorization

Our team carefully analyzes clinical data before initiating the prior authorization process to ensure timely approval for your appointment, regardless of your specialty. We follow up on prior authorization requests to prevent delays or denials, and our expertise lies in handling the necessary paperwork related to prior authorization.

Patient Payments

Posting of Insurance and Patient Payments

We provide efficient payment posting services to accurately record and reconcile all incoming insurance and patient payments. Our team uses advanced technology and best practices to ensure timely and error-free payment posting, resulting in maximized revenue for the healthcare provider.


Follow-ups with the payer

Loss of revenue is due to both denials and subsequently, the failure to follow up with payers regarding unpaid or inadequately paid claims. We initially give the payers a reasonable amount of time, and then we emphasize each claim that has not been fulfilled.

Effective Appeal

Effective Appeal

Our team has a proven track record in Revenue Cycle Management appeals. We thoroughly analyze payers' coding and payment practices, coverage limitations, and prepare appeal grounds to ensure the most effective appeal possible.

Advantages of Outsourced Revenue Cycle Management

To deliver outstanding healthcare, you need to be able to focus entirely on your patients. You don’t have to waste time keeping up with the different details around the revenue cycle or compliance regulations.

Outsourcing helps with the following and takes distractions off your plate: 

  • Optimizing payments
  • Streamlining cash flow
  • Operational simplification
  • Lowering billing error rates
  • Ensuring timely reimbursements
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Monitoring the accounts receivable situation
  • Handling the occasional claims and denials
  • Reducing the total number of claims and denials
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You ask, we answer

We have the answers to your questions. If your question is not listed here, our experts can provide you with clear and concise answers. Feel free to ask us. Contact us now.

You will get,

  • More time to focus on Patient Care
  • Timely and Improved Reimbursements
  • Reduced Denial Rate
  • Improved Cash flow

No, our team has good experience in handling transitions. We guarantee a smooth transition so that your monthly cash flow is not affected. We will discuss with you to understand your practice’s workflow for better planning of the transition.

The cost of the service depends on many factors, such as the number of patients you serve, the different insurers you are dealing with, and the amount of patient encounters. We request your time to understand your practice better to provide you with the best possible cost estimate.

The goal of RCM services is to improve the bottom line of your practice. Bringing professionals into the picture who are well versed in efficiently dealing with issues that compound revenue loss can help make your practice better.

By relying on third-party experts who devote themselves to RCM, you can take advantage of their efficiencies as well as their expertise. They will simply be able to do the same job you do in-house, but much faster. Getting your revenue in a much timelier manner means you have more funds at your disposal too.

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