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Infomatic Solutions is an offshore provider of healthcare revenue cycle management services to physicians & managed care providers in the US. One of the major hassles which almost every provider is facing is longer than normal Revenue Cycle which adversely affect the cash flow. Sometimes it results into loss of pay from the payer.

Infomatic’s Revenue Cycle Management practice helps you to make your practice healthy. We offer seamless & errorless revenue management process.Our expert team has  solutions to improve revenue cycle metrics. You focus on patient’s care & let us focus on your revenue cycle.

The Best Revenue Cycle Management Services

Infomatic Solutions is an experienced revenue cycle management services with more than a decade of experience in the industry. We serve physician practices in the multiple numbers of administrative and clinical functions connected with the processing of medical claims, payments and accounts receivable follow up. We have been acclaimed as one of the top revenue cycle management companies as we efficiently follow every step of it to increase revenue and bring down expenses. The revenue cycle management solution begins from the time when the patient books for the appointment and continues through when the hospital staff takes down the details, and it is over when patient owe no money for the services rendered.

The revenue cycle management consulting involves association with patients, providers and payers. We conduct the whole process efficiently, including claims to be presented to payers, monitoring receivables and settling once the payment is received. Our revenue cycle management services have experienced and skilled managers to conduct every process, including medical coding and billing professionally.

Why Infomatic Solution for RCM?

Our revenue cycle management services are a professional team with ample experience in the industry. Our knowledge and expertise in this field make us a perfect partner of medical practices, clinics and hospitals in their journey towards excellence. We provide utmost priority to the information regarding the health of patients, and thus we work fully in compliance with HIPAA. Hence, the health information of patients is secure with us.

Our revenue cycle management solutions are fully flexible, and therefore we can customize our service to the needs and requirements of our clients. We have employed Standard Operating Service; hence our turnaround time is super fast. Quality is the base of our call center solutions, and we have a history of ninety-eight per cent first-pass acceptance. As one of the deducted and committed offshore outsourcing companies, we have certified and trained professionals to carry out the complete range of services for our clients.


Medical Coding and Billing

Final ICD

We have a team of experts who has vast experience in Medical coding & billing. We strongly believe that Medical coding & billing is one of the key factors in revenue generation. Proper care should be taken while entering the charges otherwise it may lead the practice to unnecessary denials & loss of pay.Our experienced team has knowledge in payer specific coding specifically in Medicare, Medicaid, MCOs, HMOs, MAPs, Worker’s compensation-Auto Insurances & private payers.

Our Keys:

  • Expertise in multi-specialty & payer specific guidelines from each state.
  • Turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours or any agreed turnaround time
  • Multi layer verification process to have the most accurate claim submission
  • Data entry(when required) of patient demographics using the software of your choice

Posting of Insurance and Patient Payments

We accurately handle payment posting from payers & patients. We process ERA/EFT Enrollments whenever require.

Our Keys:

  • Turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours or any agreed turnaround time
  • Frequent analysis of denials to find the root cause
  • Prevention of denials
  • Appropriate actions & aggressive follow ups
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Follow ups with Payer

It is not only denials which cause the loss of revenue but not following up with payers for unpaid or underpaid claims too. We normally give the payers their sweet time to give response after the claim submission which is most likely 30 days from submission. After that every claim which has not been responded from payer is our target area.

Most of the Medical billing companies has a short fall in this area & provider will end up losing money. We have a proper mechanism in place to break this shortfall.

Effective Appeal:

There is a difference between an appeal and an effective appeal. Whenever claims got denied incorrectly, we should appeal but an effective appeal is what in which we dive deep into coding & payment policies of payer, coverage limitation of the plan & identify the strong appeal reason. Our expert team having a good success ratio in same.

Denial Management:

In medical billing, there were around 15% to 20% denials which were never resubmitted or unattended which is a clear loss of pay. We are helping providers to simplify this complex process by not only solving the denial but to correct the denial from root. This will lead us to reduce those kind of avoidable denials in the future. We keep a close eye on the denial trend & have it analyzed by our expert team. We are constantly monitoring the payment policies from payer & alter the sub processes accordingly.

Patient Statement & Billing Inquiries


We will be taking care of patient aging to some extent. We will be sending out the patient statement through third party vendors like BDS, Billflash, expressbill, etc. The statements will be having our number for billing inquiries so that patients won’t bother your staff for billing related questions. We know how tough this task is!

Eligibility & Benefit Verification

We will be verifying eligibility & benefits through website & over the phone when required. Every clinic, every specialty has different needs when it comes to verification & benefits. We give you very customised solutions to your needs

Prior Authorization

prior authorization

Depend upon the specialty, we initiate, follow up & get the prior authorization approved well before the appointment. We have a team of experts who read each & every aspects of clinical data before initiating the prior auth to avoid delays or denials.

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