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Medical record retrieval is an aid that helps payers to retrieve medical records for adjusting risk and quality. At Infomatic Solutions we provide outsourcing service for different processes of medical records retrieval. Infomatic Solutions promises expedite record retrieval process with zero error. With our services, the payer can rest assured to get accurate information in a timely manner to meet case settlement and insurance policy underwriting deadlines.

Our services are trusted by clients from different industries including law firms, insurance companies and claim companies. We promise accuracy in every job and thus make the best choice when it comes to medical records retrieval.

Partner with us and increase the record retrieval rate and eliminate provider abrasion!

Retrieval of medical records

We specialize in retrieval of Medical records as per client deadlines. Not only we offer the best retrieval success rate but we also keep costs under control to match with your financial planning. Retrieval medical records is one of the key tools that payers use for a range of purposes including insurance policy claims and other settlements. Our processes include :

  • With accurate information, available at the right time, the payer gets an upper hand in negotiations and secure great settlements. Know the status of medical records over the phone
  • Know the status of medical records over Email
  • Know the status of medical records over Webchat
  • Updated status on shared online portal
  • High level of understanding regarding documentation required to process a request.

Benefits of outsourcing Medical Records Retrieval

Outsourcing the process for record retrieval is one of the best decision for such companies.. The benefits that you can reap from outsourcing medical records retrieval process to Infomatic Solutions include, but aren’t limited to

Medical Records Retrieval Company for Efficient Record Keeping

Infomatic Solutions is a top-rated medical records retrieval company actively engaged in providing value-added services to healthcare, law and insurance organisations in the country. We are the industry leader as we have direct contact with physicians, hospitals and clinics in the US and for our ability to collect and record the required information on time through efficient means.

Our success as the leading medical records collection services comes from our comprehension of medical records that are the significant factor in building a strong case. Our medical records retrieval service is well-equipped to retrieve perfect medical data with all their importance. We have an experienced team for the healthcare records management and their understanding of data collected help the cases trial-ready at a faster pace. Our medical records retrieval company ensures fast and quick retrieval process and swiftly provides the information you require.

Special Features of our Medical Records Retrieval Company

We are well-established outsourcing solutions with numerous other customized and client-centric activities. The following features of our medical records retrieval company make us a unique service.

  • We have incorporated the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act-compliant tools. Hence, your request for medical records retrieval becomes compliant and accurate.
  • We follow transparent and affordable fee structure for the retrieval and other services, including revenue cycle management consulting.
  • Retrieval of required medical records on time is another special feature of our service. As a responsible medical records collection services, we know the policies and special requirements of most of the hospital and clinics, and it helps us to fetch your records on time.
  • We follow vendor neutrality, and it enables us to retrieve medical records from any hospitals and clinics as per your demands.
  • The means of collection and transfer of data is digitalized, and thus the whole process of our medical records retrieval service becomes easy and simple.


We hold an impressive experience in the industry which enables us to understand our client’s requirement and offer them the best solution. Our ability to scorch the data of several physicians and medical care providers at a limited time makes us the best in the industry.


Our services offer you the power to leverage the data available to you. As you grow, we grow along with you providing you with more qualities of accurate and informational data.

Full Transparency

We maintain high transparency for high retrieval rates to ensure your clients know where we are in the process.

How do we work?

We are a team of efficient professionals’ who understand the importance of each document and data related to medical records.

Why Choose Us

Once you place your trust and resources in us, we prove that we are the best choice and you can rely on our results.

Timely Service:

Whether you make a request or want to receive Medical records, we take the minimum time possible to close it. We have hands-on access to the medical data and our efficient team ensures that the relevant information is picked and presented to you ASAP!


Unlike many in the industry, we are not here to rip you off of your funds. We make sure that our services are well-fitted to suit your budget and that you do not burn a hole in your pocket after paying us for our services.

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