BPO/KPO Reduce pay Bill, Increase Productivity


BPO/KPOReduce pay Bill, Increase Productivity

24/7 dedicated support:

Often the attempt to perform certain services in-house leaves businesses in a position of jeopardy. This is the core reason, Infomatic Solutions Should be trusted as a reliable partner for Business Process Outsourcing. Whether you want a problem to be tackled at 4 in the morning or need analytic report instantly, we are dedicated to cater to all your business processes needs.

Enhanced standards of quality services:

Become the leader of your industry by offering better quality standards of services to your customers. We not only strengthen your customer interaction but enhance your ability to impress the investors. When you take a well-researched decision, you commit to better chances of success.

The Ultimate pillar of your business is your pool of customers. The more you cater to their requirements, the better the revenue you will earn. However, understanding what the customer wants and making it available to them is often a challenge for the organization. The better you understand the pain points of your customers and tend to them, the higher your chances to attain success.

One of the best ways to deal with the customer’s requirements and make them feel heard is allowing them a podium to speak. Once the vocal requirements of the customers are dealt with, you get a significant rise in the satisfaction level. But, it isn’t as simple as it sounds. The businesses are already loaded with the responsibility to handle the day to day operations as well as long term planning. Amid all the workload, establishing a team of customer care representatives to attend the customer’s query, suggestions and feedback can add to stress and pressure. This is where Infomatic Solutions Comes to your rescue.

As one oftheleading Business Process Outsourcing Company in Infomatic Solutions, we are dedicated to offer uncompromising services to businesses and enterprises. We are a dedicated team of professionals with an acute focus on catering to a variety of business processes needs of enterprises. Right from Research & Analytics to Strategic Consulting, Data Management to Finance & Accounting, and Human Resource Outsourcing to Recruitment, we are your one point solution to get the best services.


We offer comprehensive solutions to our clients to ensure that they grow to manifold. Our service offerings include:

  • IT Services
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Back Office BPO Services
  • Call Centre Services
  • Ecommerce Support Services
  • Training & Development

How we can help you to add value to your business

Business Process Outsourcing can bring an array of benefits to your business, including but not limited to:

Value-added consultation:

Every business faces challenges from time to time and it is important that the decision-maker has the right information in-hand to proceed. Infomatic Solutions Makes you well aware of the facts and figure to take an informed decision.

Business continuity planning:

Business continuity planning demands a lot of knowledge, skills, experience,and resources. We are a teamofprofessionals dedicated and informed for helping you all this plan accurately towards success.


The business industry is ever-evolving and it is important that your business requirements are met with the rising level of services. We ensure that the services we offer match the level of your growth and ensure support throughout.

Why Choose Us for your (BPO) Business

Business Process Outsourcing has increased to such an extent that today, almost every non-core part of the business falls under the umbrella. One of the primary factors that prove why choosing us over an in-house team is the cost-benefit ratio.  With our expertise and dedication, we ensure that there is no way you can get better results and revenue when the work is done by your internal team.

At Infomatic Solutions, we are focused on making everything precise and accurate. We analyse, streamline, and execute your business process to ensure you stay away from the day to day hassle of the non-core activities.

Often businesses struggle with becoming an established player of the market from being an anonymous entity. We offer a rock-solid foundation to such business when it comes to human resource management & staffing or accounts and finances.

We also bring digitalization to your doorstep by upgrading your systems and making processes godigital.The new way of processing is time-efficient, resource-savvy as well as accurate with minimum or no chances of human error.

If you are dealing with loads of data and failing to utilize it, Infomatic Solutions is here to take the load from you and streamline each one of your organizational processes.

Our Key Offerings

At Infomatic Solutions We are one of the leading Business Process outsourcing company that offers complete tailor-made solutions. We pay focus on understanding your unique processes and devise a strategy to streamline it. Our solutions are aimed at making you more efficient, organized and ready to cater to your customers need. Our team of experts is employed in enhancing the quality of services and reducing the chances of error.

By offering you more and more managed data,we ensure that every decision you make is well informed and aligned with your idea of business growth and expansion.

Professional Offshore BPO Services

Offshore BPO service is a trending business approach today. Compared to previous decades, competition among business firms has become very stiff, and cost-cutting measures are inevitable in all departments; hence the significance of BPO outsourcing companies comes to the focus of attention. Today, small, medium and large-sized organisations view it as an excellent way to grow their businesses. As one of the responsible and dedicated BPO service solutions, we consider each of our clients as unique and provide tailored services that suit their business demands.

Are you worried about the increasing operational costs in your firm? Stop worrying, we have the solutions. Infomatic Solutions, the top outsourcing BPO service is here to help you stay ahead of your competitors. In the beginning, it may seem to be a bit difficult, but you can soon reach the zenith of success through our BPO outsourcing services. We have qualified staff and robust technology to meet all your business demands on time.

Our Team

Our offshore BPO services team is comprised of qualified and trained professionals with in-depth industry knowledge and expertise. We possess some of the top minds in business innovations and analytical skills. Right people supported by suitable and advanced technology is the cornerstone of our outsourcing solutions. Contact us today to explore your business potential and maximize profitability.

Distinct Features of our Service

Our offshore BPO services are different from other services with some of the unique qualities. We have been able to achieve a unique identity in the industry in providing excellent customer experience through the following distinct features.

  • Experience: Our experience in outsourcing BPO services make us stand out from other services and will amaze you to the core.
  • Robust Technology: We have employed some of the latest technological solutions such as CRM, web conferencing facilities and more to connect with our clients as well as to carry out all our activities in an advanced way.
  • Accuracy: We strive hard to achieve the required accuracy for the data we disseminate and supply.
  • On-time Delivery: On-time delivery of services is another plus point of our virtual staffing solutions. Our system is designed to meet all the strict deadlines.

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