How to Manage Social Media Platforms Efficiently?

#Don’t just be Digital, Let people see you are Digital !!

Hey, you tried a lot but failed to manage social media platforms and yet not getting the effective outcome for your activities? The reason is simple. You are not following some basic steps to gain leads via social platforms. At Infomatic Solutions, we provide outsourcing services to manage your social media. Here is a summary of some important points which help to manage the social media campaign.

#1) Consider the Nature of Your Business | (B2C) or (B2B)

Choose the right platform considering the nature of your business. If you have Business-to-Customer (B2C) activity then platforms like Meta (Facebook), Twitter, Instagram etc., are more effective. They help to reach a large number of customers. If you have a Business-to-Business (B2B) activity platform like LinkedIn would be more effective. It helps to attract the business heads to your company page which leads to building your active pipelines. In both cases, a good website is key to create the first impression about your business.

#2) Be the one who you are | Authentic and Real

Study shows that 82% of customer trust social media to make a purchase decision.

People follow your brand or company on social media to get authentic information about products or services. Hence providing them fallacious information lead to devaluing your brand/company. Be #Real, Be #Genuine.

Nowadays people add fake certificates and skills to attract new customers or clients which is totally unprofessional. People appreciate genuine information and influencers. This will fetch long-term and loyal followers.

#3) Don’t just market | Make yourself unique

Let your Product and Service introduce themselves by Quality and uniqueness. Make sure you don’t frequently post for your company. There are many topics you can post on: News, Current Politics, Quotes etc.

#4) Quality Content Matters | Make Content that People Love

Social Media marketing has surpassed print marketing. But the importance of content is still as it was during the print media era. One report shows that 41% of Twitter users Intended to purchase based on a well-created tweet.

The use of best and relevant hashtags is one of the important part of the content. But it doesn’t mean you fill maximum hashtags that even the platform gets confused in which segment should your post to be promoted. Be careful while choosing hashtags and keywords.

#5) Focus more on Post Color and Title of your Post | Decency Matters

Decency matters! People like a page or profile which follows an attractive color and title.

Eg: (Your cream gives you dark shade, We know) (Your Deo is a 30 Days Cycle, We are 120 Days cycle, Almost 4x times.)

#6) Use Scheduling Tools | Smart Work

Use Auto Posting Tools which helps you to achieve high post engagement during some specific time.

If your business is only dependent on social media, then you should be more active on the social platform.

If you are planning to post 10+ posts in a single day, then your maximum time will be invested in posting at the right time. Some paid tools help you to post and boost for the best possible reach.

#7) Take Advantage of Analytics of your Post | Analyze & Utilize

There are many Analytics tools helping millions of people to achieve their goals. Facebook and Instagram itself give you insights of your post and how to increase the chance to get an audience via posting.

Post engagement is a crucial part of the Social Media Business. You can check the post clicks and URL via tools. If you are a beginner then you should go through some articles on google like A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Insights which can help you step by step.

#8) Some stats of social media | Statistics of Social Platforms

  • Around 4 billion people are using social media which shares 50% of the world population which will be growing significantly in the upcoming few years. Approx. 85% of US people aged 18-29, 80% of 30-49, 73% of 50 – 65 and 50% of people above 65 are using social media in their daily lifestyle.
  • Daily active Instagram stories users crossed 600 million in a recent insights news.
  • Surprisingly above 90% of total users spend their time on mobile devices to access social platforms.
  • The average time spent of the total users is 2.5 hours per day on social networks and messaging apps.

Author: Aditya Patel
Aditya has 4+ years of experience working in Digital Marketing. He heads the Digital Marketing department. He looks after the Digital Marketing activities for the clients helping them to strengthen the growth and digital presence while assisting them to improve the visibility with various tools and techniques of SEO. He is deeply passionate to provide the utmost and trusted services that help clients to improve their business.
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