Important Guidelines for effective offshore team

Imagine a situation where you suddenly need a greater number of skilled employees or the competitive pricing demands saving on human resource costs. Outsourcing is the only way to come out from the situation. There is one roadblock to bringing in an offshore/outsourced team is how to manage the unknown team.

There are some fundamental differences between handling teams in-house v/s remote teams. There are a few challenges to get proper work done from the offshore team. These are mainly cultural differences, communication gaps, lack of trust and accountability. These challenges are inhibiting factors for many entrepreneurs and decision-makers to explore the benefit of the offshore team. Since last ten years, Infomatic Solutions is engaged with many US-based companies as their trusted offshore business process unit.

Points to be focused on Infomatic SOlutions

Based on the experience, the following are some suggestive points to ensure the seamless integration of the offshore team with your business process.

1) Arrange proper training and provide mentorship during the initial phase.
2) Explain your vision, define expectations, and the expected outcome in a clear way.
3) Interact frequently if not possible through meetings than by mail or chat.
4) Understand the social and work culture of an offshore team.
5) Share detailed feedback and encourage the offshore team to share their opinion and suggestions to improve the process.
6) Don’t micromanage. Keep focus on the outcome but be flexible with workers.
7) Make security a priority.

Working with an offshore team could be beneficial but difficult if not treated correctly. The long-term benefits can be achieved if some time and efforts are put in for an initial short duration.

Author: Dr. Jignesh Patel, CEO
We believe that – “Controlling Your Cost is Our Business”. Our vision is to create a trustworthy and reliable offshore business process center for small and medium enterprises. We cater to most day-to-day business needs, such as – client-facing jobs (voice processes), back-office activities (non-voice processes), technical or any specialized requirements that a business may have.
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