Back Office (Non-voice) process as a pillar to all the front-end processes.

As it is rightly mentioned Non-voice — whether we’re talking about bots, live chat, or other support channels  is the key to a good customer experience. Non-Voice process is a subsection of any process, in which employees are sitting behind a desk and fulfilling the duties that the customer may not see. Some non-voice employees interact with customers via email and chat support or be it any other online or offline support.

Why Non-Voice channel is equally important as compared to Voice or any front-end processes of the businesses?  

Back Office process is the backbone of any process as a whole and it helps the entire operation to run as smooth as it can be. It does not involve direct or face to face customer interaction but it plays very vital role when it comes to entire process holistically. Many companies choose to outsource non voice process because it allows a company to grow with highly skilled staff, increased availability, save on costs or gain in productivity.

Industries like IT, healthcare, finance, customer service, accounting, etc. are outsourced to get a skilled workforce. It includes different services like offline data-entry, form filling services, legal documentation, web research, inventory management, content writing, etc.

A non voice also comes under the background work done for a company or an organisation to meet its daily needs for the clients and the vendors. It also involves in data mining for some companies and also some research work for some clients. Some may come under bulk messaging and so on.1

Why majority of the Non-Voice processes are outsourced?

With technology emerging in today’s world every company is consistently striving for happy and engaged customers. When you give focus on every aspect which will win customer’s (clients) heart, it will retain and increase your business opportunities. Outsourcing Non-voice process definitely impacts the core competencies of any company. Here are some default benefits of outsourcing.

Benefits of outsourcing

There are many benefits of outsourcing in business around the world. We discuss here some of them.

1. More focusing on core activities of the business

Choosing an outsourcing partner improves business core areas. Company staff can focus on their main task and on future planning. This will increase productivity, efficiency and business strength.

2. Reduced costs :

Two benefits a company can get:

  • They can utilize advanced technology at the lowest rates.
  • Outsourcing company gives access to lower rates of skilled people. This cost-saving capital will invest by the company in other areas of business.



3. Get Faster and better services

The tasks can be completed in a time frame with a faster better-quality output because outsourced vendors have the technical expertise and precise equipment than the outsourcing organization.

4. Flexibility

In Outsourcing, you can hire a skilled team for a certain project or period. Besides, we can increase or decrease manpower according to the business needs whenever required.

5. Uninterrupted workflow

Through outsourcing, the client gets the benefit of round-the-clock business operations. It helps in providing incessant services to the client.

6. Reduce Risk

With other benefits like money, saving time, resources, and the added advantage is fewer risks. Every investment of business sustains a certain amount of risk. In today’s era, we see certain changes such as competition, technology up-gradation, financial conditions, and government regulations, etc. Outsourcing partners are well-versed with risk factors.

Author: Pankaj Shukla
Pankaj comes with 12 years of experience that includes customer management and various forms of backend operations. He handles the entire backend team. A seasoned campaigner for medical billing & Quality check process. Excellent level of work completion under pressure and maintains the same quality of work along with his team.
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